Our Mission

We want to excel in all aspects of our business. This means offering first class products and service to our customers. We guide through the selection, appraisal and purchase of the right system for your application. As our client you receive unprecedented support in all aspects of the field, from acoustical advice and professional installs to technical service and long product lifespan.

We are sincerely committed to quality. At Absolute Sound, continuous improvement is a part of our daily work!

The Story

Since 1997, High Quality Audio and Video consultation and installation is our core business. Nearly 15 years later Absolute Sound continue to offer reliable and neutral sound reproduction through our expertise in installation as well as the ability to adapt new technology and installation method efficiently. We are associated with the most innovative Audio Video brands in the industry.

During the past decade our business has grown beyond just consultation, installation and dealership. We distribute audio and video products of the international repute in India. We undertake professional installations and as acoustic consultant we provide unbiased advice and support on all aspects of Hi-Fi and Home Cinema. We participates in projects as a design-and-build contractor for audio and video and public address systems. We architect solutions around our client's need. Our strength lies in our high level of technical know-how, engineering skills and resources. Our audio and video solutions meet industry-recognized levels of service and expertise. Our products are found in leading corporate offices, residential premises and entertainment area.

Although the application may vary, one thing remains the same: the desire to have the best possible sound reproduction. We are proud to contribute with our 'Absolute Sound' Knowledge!


A line of highly professional loudspeakers and audio/video products for, Homes, Corporate sector, offices, boardrooms and conference halls, Leisure and entertainment, hotels, resorts, restaurants, discotheques, lounge bars, movie halls, auditoriums and shopping malls, museums, place of worship.

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The Network / Our Dealers

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